Quentin of Ashby - Wurftag 18.11.2013

Farbe: red silver tabby cl.
HCM frei März 2015 (Dr. Tobias)
Genotyp N/N

Diego of Chamberlain
Farbe: red tabby cl. white
HCM frei
Genotyp N/N

Catdancer MC`s Colany
Farbe: black tabby cl./ white
Coonieland Eden`s Uranus
Farbe: black silver tabby cl./ white
Chamberlain like a wind
Absolut Coon`s Beyonce
Hispanocoon Whitney
Farbe: black tabby cl./ white
Da Capo Divo z Larku
Savincoon Moana
Lilith of Chamberlain
black tortie
Magdeburg Tigers Beau Diddley
Farbe: red tabby cl./ white
King Louis of Baydar
Maxi Melone of Chamberlain
Shannandoah of Chamberlain
Farbe: black tabby cl./ white
Kogan of Chamberlain
Cheyenne Naomi of Chamberlain

Yade of Gentle Giants
Farbe: black silver torbie/ white
HCM frei
Genotyp N/N

Madepi-Coon´s Jack in the Box
Farbe: red cl. tabby/ white
Le Beau Minu Bobby Sox
Farbe: red tabby/ white
Coonopry Lone Star of Le Beau Minu
Le Beau Minu Minnie Pearl
Suntiger´s India Arie
black tortie smoke/ white
Rump- Coons Caleb
Midnight- Tigers Maya
Madepi-Coon´s Bella Queeny
Farbe: silver cl. tabby/ white
Mainesuspect Riddick Bowe
Farbe: blue silver cl. tabby/ white
Sarajen Sambuco of Mainesuspect
LunarCoons Portia of Mainesuspect
Macoonaam Ferrero Kiss
Farbe: black cl. torbie
Savicoon Festus Haggen
Macoonaam Belaquanee