Wendy of Ashby - Wurftag 06.06.2015

Farbe: black tabby cl. white

HCM frei (Dr. Tobias März 2016), Genotyp N/N

Vater: Erebus of Rakshasa Tigers
Farbe: blue tabby cl./ white
Genotyp N/N
HCM frei

Farookh of Delia's Castle

CH Big Giants Best Of

GIC Big Giants Lionel Ritchie
Timberhills Joleen
Brenda's Garden Atlantica WC Linus of CatSkill Mountains
Big Giants Resort Toskana
HohenNeuendorf Gandharven of Rakshasatigers
Benny-Leon vom Schoendorfer Wald CH Mr. Perfy z. Waldemaine,
Belushies Josy
SleepyHollow Misstress of Darkness von HohenNeuend
W CH Trewlany Firecracker
Luipinacoons Blue Diamant

Mutter: Josie of Ashby
Farbe: black tabby cl.
Genotyp N/N
HCM frei

Relaxing Tiger Manhattan
Farbe: black cl. tabby
Alwaro Calvados
Farbe: red tabby cl.
Alwaro Benson
I´Priscilla Alwaro
Ch. Relaxing Tigers Europa
black tabby cl.
Fribanikos` Elm Grove jr.
Fribanikos´ Moxee
Carry Bradshaw of Chamberlain
Farbe: black silver tabby mc.
Int. Ch. Bachtelcoons Sioux
Farbe: black smoke
Enjoy vom Stolzensee
Miro-Coons Ombra
Int. Ch. Cosma Shiva von Gilufine
Farbe: black silver tabby cl..
Brownie of Chamberlain
Lady Marian of Chamberlain